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DUCT cleaning sydney

Virotek duct cleaning sydney provides professional duct cleaning services to clubs, hotels, restaurants, cafes, hospitals and nursing homes throughout Sydney and New South Wales.

Virotek duct cleaning sydney specialise in cleaning of commercial kitchen exhaust systems. We offer commercial grade cleaning of your entire kitchen exhaust system as well as a range of other commercial kitchen cleaning services.


Kitchen exhaust duct cleaning can often be neglected when operating a commercial kitchen. Most areas of the kitchen exhaust duct system cannot be seen easily and therefore out of sight, out of mind.


Most kitchen fires start in the kitchen canopy area of the duct system, and will extend well into the duct system and all in a matter of seconds.


Don't let your business go up in flames! Regular kitchen exhaust duct cleaning and preventative maintenance will ensure your system continues to operate efficiently and without potential fire hazards.


Virotek duct cleaning sydney services will offer you the best duct cleaning service at very competitive rates.

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  • duct cleaning sydney
  • Duct Cleaning Sydney

    Essential preventative maintenance for every commercially operated kitchen. Don't let your kitchen exhaust system become a potential fire hazard!

  • Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

    High grade cleaning service covering all areas of your kitchen. We will clean your commercial kitchen from top to bottom returning it to a hygenically clean state and ready for operation.

  • The Original Soak Tank by Dissolve Commercial Australia

    soak tankHigh quality heated soak tank system removing carbon and grease build-up from all kitchen utensils and equipment.

  • Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation Maintenance

    We service all areas of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

duct cleaning sydney




Sydney's leading professionals for duct cleaning sydney.


Virotek duct cleaning sydney specialises in kitchen exhaust duct system maintenance.


Our highly trained experts will bring knowledge and expertise providing unparalleled service to all of your duct cleaning, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refigeration business requirements.


duct cleaning sydney

Cooking Exhaust System Maintenance

Servicing commercially operated cooking exhaust systems is one of the most important yet often neglected areas of maintenance within the commercial kitchen environment. Be sure to service your kitchen exhaust system on a regular basis.

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